Charlie Belle, or @magicianbelle across her social media platforms, is an illustrator specializing in magical and fantasy content.

Her most popular YouTube videos are her illustrations, with relaxing, chatty voice-overs to accompany the gradual creation of her beautiful artwork. She also does haul videos for her art supplies and other more typical vlog-style content.

Alongside her art, which she sells on Etsy as well as taking commissions, Charlie is active on her personal accounts; she likes to showcase her unique fashion-sense and lifestyle, and has particular interests in tattoos, animal welfare and LGBTQ+ representation.

Charlie lives with her boyfriend Tom and their adorable pugs, Squidge and Pink, in London.

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Jana Damanhouri, known as ‘Jana Vlogs’ or ‘Jana Hisham’ online, was born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and raised in London, England.

On her channel she shows how she balances these two backgrounds, documenting her unique perspective by sharing her life stories in a mixture of English and Arabic. She also allows her followers to see her interest in connecting with people around the world. Jana strives to make videos that make people laugh, and learn something new.

Jana has over 125,000 followers on her YouTube  channel from all over the world, with almost 4.4 million views since she began posting less than 3 years ago.

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The Life Of Riley comprises of Mat, Alex and their adorable children, Ru and Elsie. Mat Riley won the nations hearts on BBC1’s hit show ‘The Great British Bake Off’ in 2015, finishing in sixth place. He now splits his time between being a father and a firefighter. Alex, or ‘Wife Of Riley’, is a journalist and presenter for London Live; she also contributes to their social media presence alongside bringing up their children.

The Rileys’ joint channel includes family vlogs, tips and tricks for parenting, and some baking thrown in too. Their relatable and honest take on family life and the ups and downs of parenting has proved extremely popular, as well as footage of their children growing up – complete with all the hilarious mishaps along the way!

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Daniel Howell and Phil Lester are two of the world’s biggest YouTube stars.

They were the first YouTubers to have their own show on BBC Radio 1, for which they won a Radio Academy Award in 2013. And as a duo they also presented the online coverage of the BRIT Awards for three years in a row.

They have seen success as bestselling authors with both their books ‘The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire’ and ‘Dan and Phil Go Outside’ topping the Sunday Times and New York Times Bestsellers lists. And they have successfully launched their own hugely popular gaming titles with the 7 Second Challenge app and Truth Bombs board game.

International audiences have enjoyed their two sell-out world tours, ‘The Amazing Tour is Not on Fire’ in 2016 and ‘Interactive Introverts’ in 2018 which spanned 84 dates across 21 countries. The ‘The Amazing Tour is Not on Fire’ movie and accompanying documentary became the first ever YouTube Original release from the UK. And Interactive Introverts was selected for digital, DVD and Blu-ray release by BBC Worldwide.

Dan and Phil each have their own separate YouTube channels, with 6.5M and 4.2M subscribers respectively, as well as their joint channel, DanAndPhilGAMES with 3.1M subscribers.



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One of the most exciting fashion and beauty creators to hit YouTube, Marc‘s channel is best-known for his stunning transformation videos. Turning himself into into celebrities such as Kylie Jenner and Beyoncé, or movie characters like the Grinch, or the Little Mermaid, his flair for makeup artistry is clear to all.

Marc’s other content includes beauty tutorials, fashion chats and lifestyle vlogs. Since starting his channel 6 years ago, he has appeared in ‘DailyMix Beauty Bootcamp’, where he starred alongside Zoella, and Tanya Burr, and was the online host of ‘Skins Slap’ for the Channel 4 hit show. He has also featured in publications such as The Observer Magazine and Take A Break showcasing his YouTube work, and has filmed online content for BBC3 and The Voice (UK). Most recently, Marc was chosen to be one of Barry M’s ‘Angels’, the only male influencer on the campaign.

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Stuart Ashen is a comedian from Norwich, England, known for both his improvisational and scripted work. The tagline to his YouTube channel ‘Ashens’ is ‘Comedy, Technology, Idiocy’, an accurate description of his wide variety of content. He has amassed almost 400 million views and over 1.3 million subscribers in the 12 years he has been posting videos.

Stuart’s most popular videos are humorous reviews of low-quality products, but he also produces comedy sketches and podcasts. He created the series “Ashens Tech Dump” for BBC Online Comedy, “Ideas Men” for YouTube’s Comedy Week and co-wrote and starred in “Ashens and the Quest for the GameChild”, a full-length feature film released online in August 2013. He also written two books, ‘Terrible Old Games You’ve Probably Never Heard Of,’ and ‘Attack of the Flickering Skeletons’ in 2015 and 2017 respectively.

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Emma is a ‘Beauty YouTuber’ with a difference. Embracing alternative beauty and culture, she’s more likely to talk about her latest bottle of fake blood than a new lip gloss.

Emma is celebrated for her ‘transformation’ tutorials where she turns herself into animation, horror and theatrical characters using prosthetics, make-up and special effects. She also makes props to accompany these looks, which she also films in tutorial form. Alongside this she does chatty lifestyle videos and hauls in between her dedicated beauty content.

After being diagnosed with diabetes in 2017, Emma has bounced back from her health struggles and kept her audience updated along the way, talking openly about her experiences with the condition.

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