Charlie Belle is a self proclaimed magical illustrator, tattoo enthusiast and fashion fan based in London.

Her charming and relaxing illustration videos are a favourite for her audience, as she breaks down real life topics and sit down chats in the midst of creating beautiful artwork.

Alongside her art, she’s active on her personal accounts showcasing her quirky alternative fashion sense and lifestyle.

She lives with her boyfriend Tom and her adorable pug, Squidge.

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Kate Hiscox is a fashion blogger with over 1000 unique page views every day and over 20,000 followers on Instagram. She attended the London College of Fashion in the early 90s and since then has always had a passion for clothes. Kate manages wearsmymoney alongside her job as Head of TV Promotions for Warner Music UK where she works with artists including Coldplay, Noel Gallagher and Gorillaz, as well as being a wife, a mum to two boys and an ardent Brentford FC supporter.

Wearsmymoney take a fresh, fun and always stylish look at fashion for working women, women over 35, and mothers.
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Lucy Wood is a UK based lifestyle and beauty YouTube channel, blog and social media presence. Lucy (your average 20 something girl with a love for beauty, cats and Harry Potter) has rapidly gained popularity this year for her funny, relatable and honesty content, designed to make girls and young women feel normal rather than inferior.
As well as YouTube favourites, the channel offers discussion of topics that others steer clear of – mental health, university, money and relationships amongst others – all approached in a lighthearted, reassuring and engaging way through a filter of your typical twenties life crisis.
Above all, she provides a friendly, genuine platform that welcomes high levels of authentic engagement from a fanbase that see Lucy as a close, trustworthy friend. As well as YouTube, she also has five years experience working as a professional writer for publications including MTV UK, Cosmopolitan and Sugarscape.

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Jana Vlogs was born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and raised in London, England.

Through her English and Arabic channels she shows how she balances her two backgrounds, documenting her unique perspective by sharing her life stories. She also allows her followers to see her interest in connecting with people around the world. Jana strives to make videos that make people laugh, smile and learn something new.

Jana has now amassed over 250,000 followers on YouTube across two channels with over 9 million views.

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Db3 is a UK based beauty, fashion & lifestyle blog/YouTube channel. Created by Corrie Swaffield (a twenty something obsessed with big hair, labradoodles & Gossip Girl.)

Corrie produces videos about a wide range of subjects including beauty, lifestyle and fashion but also posts about travel, wedding planning and blogging tips too. Her main aim is for her blog and YouTube channel to make readers/viewers feel like they’re having a chat with their BFF rather than reading/watching a stranger online.

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The Life Of Riley comprises of Mat, Alex, their adorable son Ru and baby Elsie. Mat Riley won the nations hearts on BBC1’s hit show The Great British Bake Off being one of the final six contestants left in the competition. Mat now splits his time between being a father  and a Firefighter. Alex or ‘Wife Of Riley’ is a journalist/presenter for London Live.

Their channel includes family vlogs, their tips and tricks on parenting, and a bit of baking thrown in too! As a family they are super likeable, relatable and always having a laugh with the ups and downs of being parents.

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Dan Howell and Phil Lester are two of the world’s biggest YouTube stars. They were the first YouTubers to have their own show on BBC Radio 1, for which they won a Radio Academy Award in 2013. They have also presented the online coverage of the BRIT Awards for the past 3 years, reaching over 7 million viewers. At the end of 2014 Dan & Phil lent their voices to cameo characters in Disney’s hit movie ‘Big Hero 6’, which went on to become the 3rd highest grossing Disney animation of all time and win the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.

In conjunction with renowned app makers, Mind Candy, Dan and Phil created the ‘7 Second Challenge’ app in 2015 which reached number 2 in the iTunes app chart and has been downloaded thousands of times across the world. 

In March 2015, Dan and Phil launched their debut book “The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire” and accompanying 20-date UK tour “The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire”.  The book went to number 1 on The Times and New York Times Bestseller lists and the sellout UK tour was followed by 44 dates in the US and a further 10 dates in Australia, making it the biggest world tour ever undertaken by YouTube creators. The US tour closed with a sellout show at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, which was filmed alongside a ‘Making Of’ documentary, both of which were commissioned by Google as the first UK YouTube Originals to sit on new platform YouTube Red

In August 2016 Dan and Phil announced their 2nd book ‘Dan & Phil Go Outside’, which will be released in November 2016.

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TomSka Black and White Tom Ridgewell


Thomas ‘Tomska’ Ridgewell is a veteran of the YouTube generation. First posting videos online at the tender age of 14, Tom now has over 4 million subscribers and a back catalogue of the funniest, darkest and most entertaining live action and animation stories on the internet. Tom also vlogs on the issues facing teenagers today – including sex, self-esteem, puberty, online pornography and body image.

In 2015, Tom released his debut book, “Art Is Dead”, a collection of comic strips based on his popular series, asdfmovie. And in 2014, Tom released his debut video game “Katatak” for Android and iPhone.

Tom has done commissioned videos for BBC Comedy, Comedy Central and Nationwide and has done sponsored videos for Oreo, Now TV, Marmite, Amazon Prime and British Red Cross.

Tom stars, alongside Zoella and fellow FlipSide clients Niki & Sammy in ‘The Creators’ a feature length documentary by Academy Award nominee Nanette Burnstein, which charts his journey from filming in his bedroom to running one of YouTube’s most successful production companies.

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One of the most exciting new fashion and beauty creators to hit YouTube, Marc Zapanta will graduate from his BA Hons Media Make-Up and Special Effects in 2016. Marc runs his YouTube channel alongside his studies, and is most loved for his stunning transformation videos – where he turns himself into celebrities such as Kylie Jenner and Beyonce, or into movie characters like the Grinch, or the Little Mermaid.  Marc’s other content includes beauty tutorials, fashion chats and lifestyle vlogs.

Since starting his channel, Marc has appeared in ‘DailyMix Beauty Bootcamp’, where he starring alongside Zoella, Pixiwoo, Tanya Burr and Jim Chapman, he was the online host of ‘Skins Slap’ for Channel 4’s hit show ‘Skins’, he has featured in publications such as The Observer Magazine and Take A Break magazine showcasing his YouTube work and he has also filmed online content for BBC3 and The Voice (UK).

Marc is passionate about youth and LGBT issues and has spoken publicly about both subjects.  He is very excited to attend Pride in London this year and will be vlogging for the event.

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Stuart Ashen is a comedian from Norwich, England, known for both his improvisational and scripted work.  His extremely successful YouTube channel “Ashens” features a wide variety of content, mostly based around reviews of low-quality products.  It boasts over 325 million views and 1 million subscribers.  He created the series “Ashen’s Tech Dump” for BBC Online Comedy, “Ideas Men” for YouTube’s Comedy Week and co-wrote and starred in “Ashens and the Quest for the GameChild”, a full-length feature film released online in August 2013.

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