TomSka Black and White Tom Ridgewell

Thomas ‘Tomska’ Ridgewell is a veteran of the YouTube generation. First posting videos online at the tender age of 14 in 2006, Tom now has over 5 million subscribers and a back-catalogue of the funniest, darkest and most entertaining live action and animation stories on the internet.

With almost 1.2 billion views on his main channel, he also vlogs on the issues facing teenagers today – including sex, self-esteem, puberty, online pornography and body image – on is second channel, ‘DarkSquidge’.

In 2015, Tom released his debut book, “Art Is Dead”, a collection of comic strips based on his popular series, asdfmovie. Tom has done commissioned videos for BBC Comedy, Comedy Central and Nationwide and has done sponsored videos for Oreo, Now TV, Marmite, Amazon Prime, British Red Cross and the BBC.